The NewYork based company At ByFusion has put the first funds together to start producing RePlast blocks, a 100 percent recycled building material. The building blocks suit a wide variety of municipal projects including highway sound barriers, environmental retaining walls, thermal insulation for industrial and residential construction, and crash barriers.

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RePlast blocks are highly environmentally friendly. During manufacturing they produce a 95 percent lower Greenhouse Gas Emissions than concrete. They also have a better thermal and sound insulating capabilities, requires no glues or adhesives for use and can be flexible manufactured in different sizes, shapes, and colors.

The building blocks are an idea of the New Zealand engineer and inventor Peter Lewis. ByFusion is a circulair company upcycling all types of waste plastic from communities, coastlines, and landfills into a readily-usable new products.

Using plastic litter to build houses is not een entirely new idea. The Columbian architect Oscar Mendez is using discarded plastic to build houses for the homeless while in te same time reducing waste plastic. (second video).

Plastic afval upcyclen voor woningbouw
Het Amerikaanse At ByFusion heeft via het crowdfundingplatform Indiegogo de eerste financiering opgehaald voor RePlast-blokken. Het materiaal is gemaakt van afvalplastic en kan worden gebruikt om blokken van te maken voor de bouw van huizen, muren of afscheidingen. Het idee is niet helemaal nieuw. De Colombiaanse Oscar Andres Mendez Gerardino maakt van afvalplastic huizen voor de daklozen (tweede video, red.).

ByFusion Transforming Plastic from ByFusion PBC on Vimeo.